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Accenture has been at the forefront of recognising the potential of a skilled South African workforce and budding entrepreneurship.


In the tapestry of South African society, SAICA is weaving a narrative of hope and opportunity.


In the heart of South Africa, Nashua stands as a beacon of hope, merging technology with compassion. Through initiatives like the SuperSport Schools and the Nashua Children’s Charity Foundation, Nashua is shaping futures, nurturing talents, and feeding dreams.


In a world striving for health and hunger solutions, Bayer’s collaborations with Scientific Roots and Buhle Farmers’ Academy highlight a future where community empowerment and sustainable agriculture bloom together, transforming lives one seed at a time.


In the heart of South Africa, the IDC and WeThinkCode ignite hope, transforming communities with limited resources into hubs of tech and agricultural innovation. Young minds like Mxolisi and Ithumeleng embark on journeys, breaking barriers to shape a new era.

Fibre Circle

In an era where environmental responsibility is more critical than ever, Fibre Circle emerges as a transformative force.


In the sprawling rural landscapes, where the daily battle for water and sanitation looms large, Amalooloo emerges with innovative dry sanitation technology. It not only champions the cause of environmental sustainability but also restores dignity to communities long neglected.


In the heart of South Africa, Glencore Coal’s initiatives are weaving a tale of empowerment and resilience.


At the core of bp South Africa’s commitment lies a profound understanding that success is intertwined with the empowerment of its community.


In the heart of South Africa, bp’s vision of diversity and inclusion is not just a statement but a lived reality. Through initiatives like the Enterprise and Supplier Development program and educational scholarships, lives are being transformed.