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In the heart of South Africa, Glencore Coal’s initiatives are weaving a tale of empowerment and resilience.


At the core of bp South Africa’s commitment lies a profound understanding that success is intertwined with the empowerment of its community.


In the heart of South Africa, bp’s vision of diversity and inclusion is not just a statement but a lived reality. Through initiatives like the Enterprise and Supplier Development program and educational scholarships, lives are being transformed.

Telkom FutureMakers

Through strategic partnerships and initiatives like the Consumer Dealer Program and Supplier Development Programs, Telkom FutureMakers is transforming the business landscape, fostering local businesses, and creating a brighter future for communities across the nation.


In the vast stretches of Sub-Saharan Africa, Nafasi Water emerges as a beacon of hope, driving innovation and sustainability in water security. With a focus on desalination and water treatment, it champions environmental stewardship and empowers communities, particularly women, setting a new standard for the water industry.